Club Re-development

Clubhouse Re-development

Associates Rugby Club is an important community asset; it is a place for current and past players, supporters, and the local community to gather, socialise, and participate in sporting and recreational activities.

Our facility has been identified as an integral element of the Allen Park Master Plan,, and is a critical infrastructure asset for our communities future.

Associates Rugby Club is working with the City of Nedlands and the Department of Sport & Recreation to further enhance the development of the facility for the betterment of its members, supporters and the broader precinct communities.

We have an established and well respected working committee leading the project, our aims are to:

  • Increase community participation in sport, primarily through the involvement in Rugby, and:
  • Increase community utilisation of the clubhouse facility.   

The improvement to the facility will enable the club to:

  • Establish women’s rugby at both junior and senior
  • Increase junior (female and male) participation
  • Improve capacity to host junior rugby carnivals
  • Extend participation in sport / physical activity beyond the current rugby season
  • Increase community use of the clubrooms especially during the off-season
  • Improve access to the club house from the upper car park area
  • Increase storage area for training equipment 

The key aspects we have incorporated into the design proposal are:

  • An increase to the current change rooms, creating separate womens changerooms (x2), and an increase of the current male change rooms from 2 to 4.
  • An increase in the showers & toilets in change room areas
  • Development of a medical & physiotherapy room 
  • Development of a refereeā€™s changeroom
  • Improvement of the viewing vantage points for games
  • Development of a gym facility for members and the wider community
  • Development of office and multi use facility for community groups, aligned tenants, and Allen Park Stakeholders    
  • Improvement of ramp access to the facility and alignment to NDS guidelines for for overall facility accessibility

For further information regarding the project please email

To view the full set of proposed plans please visit Associates ARUFC development plans.

If you would like to donate to the development of the community asset please do so via the Australian Sports Foundation @