Soaks Old Boys

This Old Boys Association has been created to help players, past and present, extend their Soaks experience beyond their playing days.

Through the group you can:

  • Stay in touch
  • Find old team mates
  • Book and attend Soaks Old Boys events
  • Organise your own Soaks Old Boys events
  • Join and access the Soaks Old Boys Business Directory
  • Access Soaks Old Boys mentors

There is no cost to join and you will not be targeted for Sponsorship. The only commitment you make is to support your Soaks team mates with time should you be asked for guidance or advice.

For more information contact Michael Brain on 0456 970 953 or to register as a Soaks Old Boy  simply complete the membership form below:

What years did you play for Soaks.

If you would like to support the club as a Social or Corporate sponsor also please go to Social and Corporate Membership